Research and development

I design, implement, and evaluate language-learning environments.

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I am indebted to generous individuals and institutions who have given or are giving me opportunities to take off.

Thank you.

I am redesigning my teaching plan in particular, and my learning environment in general, because I found to my dismay that my students are not interested in learning English language, at least not on an absolute scale of language proficiency.

My students want good grades relative to their peers so that they can advance to better departments, graduate schools, and employers.

Unfortunately most schools and employers indirectly encourage this behavior by accepting a fixed number or percentage of applicants. We should instead accept students exceeding an absolute threshold of demonstrable skills.

While I wait for such a change to happen, I seek methods to concurrently train students in 2 dimensions -- in what students want to accomplish and what I want them to learn.

The dichotomy between goals sought by the learner vs goals proposed by the instructor has probably been overlooked by teachers and students. I seek to solve this dilemma using an educational engineering approach -- take the problem apart and reconstruct in improved form.
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In collaboration with VERSION2, a software firm co-located on Hokudai campus, I developed glexa, a general learning experience architecture for web-based learning. (The true etymology is "Learning EXperiences designed by Goh and implemented by Akio".)

Glexa is a learning platform suited for educational institutions that prefer to develop their own courseware.

When instructors invent learning experiences, our modularized design allows them to be implemented at minimal cost.

Glexa is used by all 2600 freshmen at Hokudai. It is also used by other schools, corporations, and government agencies.
Hokudai's glexa
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Academics live and die by the quality and quantity of research articles they publish.

This is my list of publications.